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Mary Trevor and Toni Kaus Friends of KNAU

Mary Trevor and Toni Kaus Friends of KNAU
Mary Trevor and Toni Kaus of Prescott started thinking about their estate plans once again as they planned a trip overseas and wanted peace of mind. "We started to think about local organizations that were important in our daily lives..." Toni started and then Mary finished, "Well, of course, KNAU."

Mary and Toni marvel at the changes in Prescott and KNAU over the years. Both had relocated from the east coast where they had access to robust NPR affiliate stations. They fondly remember the student announcers on KNAU and enjoy the professional station it is today. Mary appreciates both the classical and news programs. Both Toni and Mary appreciate the "great sense of place" KNAU offers by covering stories throughout northern Arizona. "We wake up to KNAU every day and listen in the evenings and all weekend. It's part of the rhythm of our lives," Toni said.

They both described the opportunity to make a legacy gift to KNAU as empowering. "It's a gift to yourself to be able to say, 'I can make a difference even after I'm gone,'" Mary said. Toni concluded by adding, "I would encourage people to think about what's important to them; what makes a difference in your daily lives in your local area? Think about how you feel when the KNAU signal goes out for just five minutes!"