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Mary Ellen Mylrea '66 & '77 Education

Mary Ellen Mylrea '66 & '77 Education
When Mary Ellen Mylrea, a 38 year Flagstaff resident, recently made an IRA distribution gift to KNAU, she had no idea of its transformational nature. "It was just something I had been meaning to do for a long time," Mary Ellen shared.

Mary Ellen's family has a long history with Northern Arizona University. She has two degrees from NAU, a BS and MA in education. Also, her parents, her brother, and her three children all graduated from NAU. This family legacy and connection with NAU has been and remains important to Mary Ellen.

"It's my hope that this gift will inspire others to make a similar investment in KNAU's future. KNAU has provided a great service to this community, and our region — I hope everyone who is able to give back, will join me and ensure KNAU is here well into the future."